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    Default MFG DMA vs. IG DMA?

    I am tosing up between going with MFG or IG for there DMA to trade CFDs.

    I am a subscriber to The Chartist and Nick Radge uses and recommends MFG. I have traded a demo account with IG and frankly, their platform craps all over MFGs.

    Anyone have any experience with IG of MFG to sway me one way or the other?

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    Default Re: MFG DMA vs IG DMA

    I've been busy with other investments and am yet to start my CFD trading adventure.

    I do have an account setup with IG markets. I set this up sometime ago, it was quite easy, all done online, no need for paper work. I have also been considering MFGlobal, but haven't got around to jumping through their paperwork yet.

    IG told me that I could trade for $8 or 0.1% per trade and that the date fee would be ~$38.00 a month. But If I did 4 trades, it would be free!

    MFGlobal data fees are a bit more pricy and you need to do more trades to get a freebie.

    I have used a paper account with IG and I personally think their platform looks better and is more intuitive than the MF global one.

    I'm not sure about features though, like setting stops, trailing stops etc etc.

    Can anyone give advice on the million dollar question... IGMarkets DMA or MFGlobal DMA?


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    Default Re: MFG DMA vs IG DMA


    I cant really have a crack at the $1,000,000 question but I can say is I use IG for a couple of years and havent had any problems.LIke you said 4 trades and the platform is free and easy to use.Prices is pretty similliar to all the other cfd providers.

    Ive never used MF so cant comment.Are they much more expensive?Check the interest rates on there long/short positions.Having an easy to use platform is pretty important imo.

    Does anyone Know if u can view market depth with IG?

    Maybe Ill have a look at MF myself and see what its like.

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    Default Re: MFG DMA vs IG DMA

    IG told me that wth the DMA platform you could view market depth. Apparently with the MM platform you cant.

    I asked them about the spread difference between there DMA and MM platforms. Apparently... the DMA and MM platforms both have the exact same spread size.

    I found this a bit hard to believe.

    Anyway, anyone else with opinions re. IG vs MFG?

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