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    I have an Easylanguage Candle pattern Recognition study but need 1 final thing
    to complete it. I need to be able to click on any candle and have the
    study tell me what pattern it is. At the moment it will tell me what
    the current candle pattern is and works great. However, it is necessary
    at times to look back and having the ability to click on a candle so
    the study tells you the pattern is very convenient.
    My Amibroker study does this which is both necessary and
    convenient. Can this be done using Easylanguage and would someone
    please help me with this? Thank you for any and all help.



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    Default Re: Candle Pattern Recognition


    Having trading using candle patterns for over 12 years, IMO you should really learn the patterns yourself and you will find they will easily jump out at you.

    Dont rely on a candle finder program because there is an element of variation in the patterns which might not be recognised.

    Steve Nisons first book is one of the best IMO


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    Default Re: Candle Pattern Recognition

    Agree exactly Arco, I studied Louise Bedford's book on the subject and googled for more from others. A good basic gist of the overall and you are on the way. I got away from all the meter stuff, one does need to recognise things without aids which goes for fundamentals too. Each stock has its own perculiarities too which many miss on with the programmes.

    IMVHO of course

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