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    I'm developing a personal day trading application in C#, and I'm in the preliminary stage of designing the order submission system. I don't want to have to hand-enter order (due to obvious speed and mechanical error issues) so I'm looking for alternatives that can be accessed via code.

    Does anyone know of an application or API linked to an ASX broker that supports programmatic order submission rather than via a web-page?

    Many thanks.

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    Interactive Brokers has a flexible API interface. Actually it also has a very speedy order system (TWS) which already has so many possible order formats, that I can't think of a reason why you would want to build one yourself...
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    Rub has mentioned IB already. They have API. Details available here:

    This may save you some time if you like. Someone has developed an overlay:

    Myself, as I don't know C, I'm slowly building automation of my system through Excel with IB's DDE option.
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