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    Default Documentary: The City Uncovered

    Just finished watching a 3 part Doco series entitled "The City Uncovered"
    It is a great watch and describes how the whole Credit Crisis occurred and where we stand now.

    It's a BBC production so Camera work and Presenting are top class(IMO)

    Wayne,Noira, and DocJ.....You guys may have seen it already as it has already aired over there.
    If not you might be able to View it here

    Failing that you will have to rely on someone that has recorded it, then uploaded it to the Interweb like us mere mortals in AU

    I grabbed it off usenet but it is available on Torrents also.
    (It might be on Rapidshare also but I haven't checked.)

    This series will air here on SBS or ABC but as per usual AU will be last on the list and who knows how long it will take

    Anyway....great watch, get into it
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