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    Cool Portfolio management and diversification

    I would Just like to know a few things from experienced traders

    1. How important is diversification and portfolio management with respect to other aspects of trading strategy?

    2. How would you recommend that I go about learning this? Any books you could recommend? other resources? What should I focus on?



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    Default Re: Portfolio management and diversification

    Are u looking to trade or invest?

    Trader types tend to not be to interested in diversification etc....just price movement.
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    Default Re: Portfolio management and diversification

    hmmm, right now im very interested in taking out positions that would last at least a few days up to a few weeks.. I'll be looking at the daily charts mostly.. What do you think??

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    Default Re: Portfolio management and diversification

    just trade where the movements are if your not in for the longterm... however, each of the sectors tend to move in the same direction on any given day so perhaps diversifying into at least 2-3 sectors will reduce risk

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