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    Default UBS bonuses down 80%!!

    that'll hurt

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    Default Re: UBS bonuses down 80%!!

    Link or source???

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    Default Re: UBS bonuses down 80%!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozdrawl View Post
    that'll hurt

    Good ...

    Bonuses were out of control ...
    May Peace Be With You

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    Default Re: UBS bonuses down 80%!!

    Still few BILLIONS paid out, for what? Bad done job?

    Shouldn't bonuses be stopped until bail out money are paid back?
    When they can say yes we earned it.

    But doll is never paid back either so why big bosses should have different rules.

    Also all of the sudden lack of multi-millions might be too bigger shock to the way of living, could affect their feelings and cause unnecessary emotional hardship.

    Imagine somebody surviving on $2 or $5 million when they are used to receive few billion?

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    Default Re: UBS bonuses down 80%!!

    Bank of America is thinking to do the same .... http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/51df9ac6-e...nclick_check=1.

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