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    Default Deflation here?

    revised year/year Inflation rate 3.7%


    down from 5.0%,

    5.0%/4 = 1.25% per quarter, [assuming all quarters were even / although ofcourse they werent]

    1.25% x 3 quarters + last quarter = 3.7%

    Rate = -0.05%??

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    Check the bottom table, -0.3% for the quarter.

    I know next to nothing about economics, but looking at the figures excluding volatile items i'm guessing its mainly just from the drop in petrol prices.

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    thanks Farang, i skipped over that part

    petrol prices, electronics, christman "sales", oversupply of workers, cars
    i work part time at a wholesale supermarket and even our food prices have stagnated.

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    Isn't that disinflation?

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