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    hi all I've just recently discovered this forum and what a timely discovery! I've spent the past few days reading some of the threads posted here and there seems to be a lot of wise and helpful people on this forum. I'm hoping you guys are willing to help out a newbie on a simple question. I've just setup a new account with optionsxpress australia so that I can purchase some US shares and I was wondering how i go out depositing funds. I looked through the faqs and it seems to me what wire transfer is similar to direct deposit? I bank with HSBC and it seems like the the info I've been given from the optionxpress website doesn't fit with the information i need to fill in on the HSBC transfer page. Maybe who uses optionxpress can help me out?


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    I got the info where to send the money from opxpress to wells fargo I think ?and went to my bank told them how much and where to and they done the rest.

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