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    Good morning,

    I am new and this is my first post.

    With the help of a friend we've developed in Matlab a cyclical approach to model and predict market behavior, from a scientific point of view.

    We got very nice results, and we think we can get even more with an in-depth study and analysis of every step of the whole process.

    For this reason we are seeking for people with good background in mathematics to create a study group about cycles and periodicities in financial markets; engineers, mathematicians, physicists etc. are all welcome.

    The attach is a sample of what has been done so far, of course if we always get such results we do not need to study anymore...

    If there is somebody interested in, please contact me directly via Skype, my nick is acepsut

    Greetings from Italy and apologize for my bad english.

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    Do you have a blog or a link to more information so people can investigate further? Looks interesting

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    Hello OzWave,

    Well I haven't any blog or link since is not my interest to sell anything or spread the wonders of cycle analysis, but I am mon-fry skype on.

    Although we didn't dive in every details of the whole process we got quite often very good tracking of the out of sample data, and since the ouput is a blend of directions, slopes and turning points, I can't believe this is due to casualities.

    This is the reason for I am involved in create a study group; simply, we wanna improve as much as possibile what's done so far in a scientific way and in full details


    Quote Originally Posted by OzWaveGuy View Post

    Do you have a blog or a link to more information so people can investigate further? Looks interesting

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