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    Default Japan - Lost Decades

    I have found it hard to find much information on the Japan crash
    with the Nikkei crashing from about 39K to 7K, etc, and decades later still miles below the high.

    With all the talk of the 30's Depression and possibilites for the Credit Crunch to replicate something similar, how does this compare to the Japanese lost decade/s? And is something like this possible globally.

    Anyone know any good websites or books, or can provide a good summary?

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    Default Re: Japan - Lost Decades

    Just delete USA/ UK etc and insert Japan.
    At one stage Japan was worth more than France and a piece of ground was worth more than a Y10,000 note would cover.
    Search for Japan Economic News.com
    Heard that some where before?

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    Default Re: Japan - Lost Decades

    Jim Rogers has some informative things to say about this

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    Default Re: Japan - Lost Decades

    There is another japan thread here , in that i have provided a few links from the IMF and various wiki articles........intresting read

    the thread is named .......japan

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