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    Default What strategy now?

    I've owned shares for years and had a small portfolio that I have taken a long term position but haven't really spent much time managing in the past and have decided to take a more hands on roll now.
    The reality is like everyone else I've lost heaps on my portfolio in the last months but I am now considering selling some of them with view of repurchasing them (the better ones anyway) at a lower price in the near future as I think with all the doom and gloom talk most of them are bound to go down further anyway.
    What would you do if you were in my position?

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    Default Re: What strategy now?

    Corr please note it is against both ASIC and ASF policy for members to give financial advice.

    Please contact a licenced professional. Thanks


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    Default Re: What strategy now?

    See a lisensed financial services provider.

    Or, sell everything and start short term trading. Hope you know what you're doing.
    Or, keep buying all the way to the bottom and all the way back up. Hope your pockets are deep.
    Or, stop watching and review the portfolio in 5 years.
    Or, take the recommendation of some 17 year old chat site poster and buy a suite of speculative uranium stocks.

    Hmm, maybe seeking investment advice from an avatar has some problems....

    Good luck!!

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    Default Re: What strategy now?

    spend some time reviewing your options regarding CGT and asset allocation,

    read some previous ASF posts via search.

    there are not many reliable options for profit making at the moment.

    very hard to find any stocks that look like having an upside soon

    maybe consider some bonds if that fits your strategy.

    Do a lot of research

    i find it a bit ironic that you are being told to go to a licensed FP, given the bagging they are copping on other threads!

    it is an option of course.

    it is correct that no direct advice can be given, however opinions can be offered, so long as disclaimer is added, which previous posters did

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    Default Re: What strategy now?

    Thanks for all your help.
    Also I wish to add that I am aware that no fin advice can be given, but lot's of people talk about their strategies so I was asking what posters would do if they were in my shoes, not specifically what I should do.
    I am aware that my portfolio probably will not make money if in the short term if I continue to hold my shares but if I sell some of the ones that I think might go down in the short term (after research and taking into account CGT) I could use the funds to buy them back in a couple of months time if I think are fundamentally solid shares. The reality is the way the media are talking gloom and doom many shares may go down in value regardless of the how solid the companies are. Besides the sort of $$$ we are talking about wouldn't go too far with a financial advisor!

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    Default Re: What strategy now?

    Friday 23 January 2009


    You do not need a financial advisor. Get youself a
    copy of "How To Make Money In Stocks," by O'Neil.
    It is the probably the cheapest form of solid financial
    advice you can get.

    Learn what is a trend, and never violate it. Also,
    learn to never seek out anyone's advice but your
    own counsel...[after you have stidied the book.]

    When you are asking a question about what to do,
    you already know the answer. Plus, no one has
    a greater interest in your financial welfare than you.



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