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    Default Australian Dollar (daily view charts)

    Australian Dollar ....
    possible wave count .....

    TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK… The purpose of these charts is to point out significant highs and lows based on Fibonacci Retracement lines and Elliot Waves which are highly subjective . This information is for educational purposes and should not be considered trading recommendations . All trading decisions are your own sole responsibility …
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    Default Re: Australian Dollar ( daily view charts )

    THE Elliott Wave Structure is still intact .... prices appear to be selling off into a brick floor of support .

    Please observe ......


    Prices would have to break below and close be low .7200 ( futures contracts )to be bearish long term .......

    Again, I am looking for weekness in the US dollar next week after this past fridays rally of the US dollar to lend support here in the australian dollar ...

    Here is Elliott Waves at work,... at it' s best,...

    Pointing out where a possible turn could start to happen .....
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