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    Hello everyone,

    I have recently graduated with a BSci and currently worked in the Science field for a year now. Although, it might sound like I have wasted 4 years studying undergraduate Science, I do want to open up my options to be able to go down another career path.

    Hence, I am looking into doing a Masters of Commerce in Accounting.
    I do however am not quite sure of the career opportunities I am open to if I do complete the masters degree.

    I have asked around and looked around and basically what I've gotten out of it is.. (correct me if I'm wrong)

    "Bare in mind, I do not have any experience in the industry"
    1) Major accounting firms do NOT take in postgraduates for their summer internship programs and graduate programs

    2) Employer are more reluctant to hire me (with BSci - MCom accounting) as opposed to a recent graduate with BCom in accouting fearing I will be demanding a higher pay with a masters degree.

    So, if I do complete a masters of commerce in accounting... what are my best chances of getting into the industry for experience, which would then allow me to move on to a bigger firm (which I aim to do)?

    THanks for all your reply and help in advance!

    Edit: Maybe I've forgotten to mention, the reason why I am looking into a Masters of Comm rather than doin another Bachelor course.. is really due to the length of time needed for a bachelor degree.. 1-2 years for a masters is really the maximum i can go.
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    Default Re: Change of Career Path Into Commerce (Accounting)

    Graduate degrees limit your scope in general.

    Education is never wasted, if the aim is to pursue knowledge.

    I am not in finance industry so cannot help/advise you.

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