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    i went shopping yesterday....

    some lead for fishing sinkers at my local fishing shop, and for some electrical cable at a car parts joint. the fishing store had new stock in....the sinkers were ridiculously expensive, and at the car parts joint, i was told the the cable was going up 40% next order...

    mmmmm. so copper is going up, but not on the stock exchange, not yet. lead is going up, but not yet on the exchange.

    silver is a component in smart bombs. up to 15 kg in one bomb....silver, lead, zink for stainless steel.
    copper and brass for bullets.

    anyone have any other ideas of war commodities?

    and any suggestions for small/mid cap miners, no debt, cashed up, large leases, miners on the ASX?

    http://www.news.com.au/business/story/0 ... 62,00.html

    remember this article. it is the opposite of what will happen...


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    this link...



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