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    Default What is "book value"?

    Could someone please explain the importance of book value(if any)and what other factors should this be veiwed with.

    EG: sp 455 bv 131
    sp .95 bv 167

    am I right in thinking 2nd example is well priced


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    Default Re: What is "book value"?

    Asset value according to its balance sheet.

    Whats 167?
    10,000,000s ?

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    Default Re: What is "book value"?

    sorry should be sp 95c bv $1.67

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    Default Re: What is "book value"?


    If the company was for sale would be worth a look!

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    Default Re: What is "book value"?

    Have to consider things like intangibles when looking at BV. EG - they may have assigned a figure to the worth of their brand but that figure may not be realistic and is impossible to predict. Same with property trusts. Its all well and good to say the properties are worth $x but when it comes to selling they may not get that much.

    But yes, if BV is substantially higher than SP (share price) then there may be an opportunity there, and it is usually something like this that is the starting point for private equity raiders.

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