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    Jan. 12 (Bloomberg) — Traders whose ring fingers were longer than average, compared with their index fingers, made ten times more money than those whose two fingers were close to the same size, a study of London traders found.

    The secret to prosperity may be contained in their digit ratio, which reflects the length of the index finger divided by the length of the ring finger, according to a study of 44 London traders in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Traders with a lower digit ratio made an average of 679,680 pounds (or about $1 million U.S.), compared with 61,320 pounds ($90,956 U.S.) by those with a higher ratio, the report said.
    Previous research has found that the digit ratio reflects how much testosterone an unborn baby was exposed to in the womb. Those exposed to high levels of the hormone are more sensitive as adults to testosterone...

    Participants worked in a type of trading known as “high-frequency” trading, which lends itself to risk-taking and quick reactions, the authors wrote. In other types of asset management, such as mutual fund or pension managers, these types of traders may not be as successful, Coates said.
    The study was only conducted on 44 people which I don't think is conclusive at all, but at first appearences the 10x income difference is something that seems beyond coincidence.

    Some things to think about, which were not mentioned (wonder why) -
    Were the higher earners on average older than the lower earners?
    What were the numbers of higher vs lower ratio digit fingers? 3 lower ratio vs 41 higher ratio, of which 1 lower ratio finger man was the highest earner.

    There could have easily been one mega-beast trader earning $30mil annually who totally skewed the results.

    Somewhat unrelated -
    I noticed lots of Chinese people at the casino wearing these tube things (it is like something you would put on if you injured a finger, except it is decorated) over their index fingers, does this have anything to do with prosperity?

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    ha ha, too smaller sample, but aren't your hands and finger joints meant to be determined by fibonacci anyways?

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