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    I've done some searching but can't find a site where I can obtain historical P/E's for the All Ordinaries or S&P 200. Does anyone know of such a site?


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    A great topic I think for considering just how far XAO still has to fall.

    Here is a snippet from Mish on an American viewpoint of the SP500.

    Think the stock market is cheap? Let's do the math. The S&P closed at 910. If those earnings estimates hold, the effective PE is 21.53. The historical average PE is about 15. At a PE of 15 the S&P would drop to 634. That is a huge drop of 30% from today's closing price.

    What happens if the stock market over shoots as it typically does in bear markets. Assume a PE of 12. At 12, one might expect to see the S&P at 507. That would be an even bigger decline of 44% from here.
    Mish is no fool, and has been generally much righter than anyone else I have read in the last couple of years. I feel his deflationary outlook and justification of not only mesh best with my own views but with what is actually happening!

    This PDF has a few numbers for historic P/E for AORD, open it and run a search for "historic P/E" but the data appears to be from '03. All I could find, sorry.

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    Long term PE of the XAO is about 14, it's currently about 9.5.

    Got the 9.5 off Etrade.

    To be corrected.

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    Any idea what the historical low (P/E) is?

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    This chart only goes back to 1979 but it gives you a feel for the PER. The question is: how much will earnings fall?
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    I found this for the S&P 500.


    Yes -- earnings are not known -- I assume they will be below average which obviously means that current P/E's are still falsely high.

    Having said that, hey are well below P/E's in 00-02 bear.

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