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    Default If US$ collapsed - oil

    guys, if the US$ depreciated severely sometime in the next 12 months as i feel it will, how would that affect the price of oil?

    would it be priced to another currency? or to gold?

    would it become more expensive or cheaper for us?

    Any thoughts on this? i couldnt find a similar discussion but i think its a possible scenario.


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    Default Re: if US$ collapsed - oil

    the price of oil quoted in USD would increase, even if its true supply and demand levels didnt change.


    atm 40USD buys 1 oil. if the USD depreciates by 25% but the demand and supply of oil remains the same then the price would be 50USD for 1 oil.

    if the AUD increased against the USD by 25% during that same time, then the price of oil for AUD holders would not have changed.

    this works for all commodities and gold.

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