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    This is an update to show the progress of what is happening in the Silver markets right now 5-25-o5

    We all can agree that there is an inverse relationship between Gold and the Us Dollar ,,, but it runs deeper than that .. The Us Dollar has an inverse relationship with all Commodities ...
    The Metal markets are just the most sensitive to it 's movements than all the other Commodity groups ...

    That's why I believe that some commodity groups are leaders and some are laggards ... This is because of a thing called Inflation ...

    That right .......Inflation which is directly tied to the T-bond markets or so called Credit markets ...

    Inflation always show up in T- bonds that would be US T-bonds , not corporate bonds , before it shows up in the Commodity markets .
    For some strange reason it filters its way througth the pricing in the Us Dollar depending on recent monetery stratrergy that's going on
    in a specific time periods. ( Is the fed in tightening mode ? or easing mode ) That Is The Question .

    By the way , I stronly believe that all the Stockmarkets of the world are laggards ,,, They all lag Inflation trends , they don't lead Inflation ..
    and the one thing , I'm not intrested in is being is a Laggard ...

    Watching stocks is secondary ,, to watching Inflation ...

    Which is really wathching of the prices of raw materials .....

    Commodities and Futures contracts so to speak .....

    Any way just some more thoughts of mine ..

    So , dont worry ,,,,,
    I am probably going to get some negative opposition to what's
    being said here ..... We will see ....

    Now lets talk SILVER .....

    BEFORE LOOKING AT THESE charts , understand that I am a mere technitian , following the theory of men long dead and gone ..
    Volume doesn't matter , and Western oscillators don't matter .. the Candle stick formation themselves tell the story ...

    Let start with the Us dollar daily chart ... it is the pivot point of all trading ,,, it's posture dictates all except for the T-bond , credit markets ... and to make a long story short , it is overbought and beccomming more overbnought .

    Any pullback in the Us Dollar , going forward , will probably translate into strength for Silver .....

    Just look at all this Long Term support .........
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    Default Re: Go silver, Go silver .....

    Posture of the Us Dollar ....
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    Default Re: Go silver, Go silver .....

    The Euro is being sold aggressivly now that the French have pooped on
    it. This is makeing the Dollar look good temporarilly, but it should
    also start to make Gold and Silver look good, since they have no
    political ties.

    When the Europeans get their next oil bill, they'll be in for a shock!
    And to think that the Arabs and the Russians were threatening to price
    oil in Euros!

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    Default Re: Go silver, Go silver .....

    Just like Gold - Silver is pulling back this year.

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