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    Default Blame game excuses

    From ABC, 6 Jan. 09


    Police say alcohol and the heat were significant factors in a brawl that left seven people injured in Sydney's south-west early this morning.
    Two people were shot, three people were stabbed and two men suffered head injuries in the fight involving more than 100 people at Rosemeadow.
    Superintendent Stuart Smith from Campbelltown Police says a 16-year-old boy is under police guard in hospital.
    "We've put a number of investigators into this job to establish exactly what caused this and why [it was] so violent," he said.
    Superintendent Smith says it is the first time in six months there has been any significant violence in the area.
    "We're working with community people this morning and we're canvassing to see whether this is just an isolated incident between two feuding families, a little too much heat and a lot of alcohol, which results in violent behaviour."
    Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
    It is the weather, it is alcohol it is every imaginable cause but it is not people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy View Post
    It is the weather, it is alcohol it is every imaginable cause but it is not people.

    What on Earth do you mean it is not the people?

    The beer, wine and spirits took over the minds of each individual and forced them to perform these unsavoury acts.After the beer, wine and spirits left their minds they were amazed at the mind control these entities possessed.
    Never let anyone dictate your life path.

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    Default Re: Blame game excuses

    Can I blame alcohol for all of my actions on New Year's Eve/Day?
    I am the chosen one

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    Default Re: Blame game excuses

    Heres a well practised human expression/trait

    "Dont look at me, look at him"

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    Nah your all wrong ....Goto Broome on a full moon and watch everyone go crazy!!!
    doubt everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy View Post
    It is the weather, it is alcohol it is every imaginable cause but it is not people.
    Tell me about it!

    It's always much easier to blame someone or something else. I officiate sport and the problem is evident at all levels from social, right up to national/professional. Whenever a team loses, it's usually largely a result of something I did or didn't do. Forget the number of times a player lost the ball or made a mistake, they'll always pin it on me. Success is always due to their skill and ability. Failure is due to bad luck or circumstances beyond their control.

    These days, it seems that attitude extends to all things - someone fails an exam due to a headache or a poor lecturer, people have accidents because of the kids fighting in the backseat and people break laws because they weren't loved as a child. People don't take responsibility and what's worse, society lets them!

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    Gentleman, we could say that Broome goes crazy because all the fisherman come in on a full moon.... but it's well antecdotated and well apprecciated if you ever experience it....something happens on a full moon
    doubt everything

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