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    Hi Guys,

    I was playing around with a few of the demo accounts last night and noticed a massive spike in the price in the opening mins of the trade on the Aussie200/Australia Cash 200 index CFD contracts. I initially thought it was a false price spike but read this article Futures error batters Australian sharemarket and realised it was in fact a real spike.

    Did anyone get caught out in this spike? Futures or CFDs?



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    Yeah it did happened.
    I was lucky when i was looking at bloomberg then turned back to SPI and Aus 200.
    WTF 3900+ (10% increase)
    my sell button was never been hit that many times
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    The second time this happened, they cancelled orders above a certain limit, one of the guys I work with got out of his longs at the top but ended up down a lot afterwards...

    I wish I could cancel my mistakes as well...

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