Hi all,

A couple of questions to anyone who has Bell Direct accounts.

1) Has anyone had much success trading through SMS? I register for the service, get the PIN code back but everytime I reply to sell stock, request funds available (by txting FUNDS <acct#>) or even request for help (by txting HELP), I get no response back. I'm copping the 55c SMS deduction everytime I do this and I definitely have credit available. Bell Direct has responded with "the problem is with your provider" (which is Optus) so I re-registered with a valid Telstra prepaid sim I had lying around and, too, this feature did not work!

This leads me to point two. Since SMS trading does not work, let's go to plan B.

2) I've got a Windows Mobile 6.1 powered PDA. Trading through 3G and WiFi on my PDA via Bell Direct's site is impossible. The site uses either AJAX, funky javascript or IFRAMES to load up the order pad which does not render at all in Opera nor IE. This is unlike ETRADE (which is really my main broker) which displays very well on a WinMobile PDA as most of the site renders in straight-up, no-nonsense HTML.

The reason why I prefer to trade through a WiFi/3G connection or SMS is that I would rather not trade through my corporate connection at work. I only trade about once a week but if I get an SMS alert that my entry/exit target has been met or I hit my stop loss, it would be convenient to buy/sell quickly (especially when I'm in the middle of a long strung-out meeting ).

Can anyone provide some of their experiences trading through these methods on Bell Direct?