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    Post NTL - New Talisman Gold Mines

    Hi folks,

    HTM ... as requested, here's some astroanalysis for the next few months:

    05012009 ..... negative spotlight on HTM

    15012009 ..... negative and short aggressive move expected.

    16012009 ..... positive cycle ... finance-related ... ???

    02022009 ..... difficult cycle due

    23022009 ..... another difficult cycle

    26-27022009 ..... 2 times cycles and negative news expected.

    04-05032009 ..... positive spotlight on HTM

    09-11032009 ..... another difficult cycle expected

    03042009 ..... 3 cycles and negative news expected here

    17042009 ..... minor and positive news expected.

    HTM ... should be positive, around 06-10072009.

    ..... and some additional astroanalysis for HGD:

    02012009 ..... minor and positive cycle

    05012009 ..... difficult cycle

    07-08012009 ..... negative light on HGD ... finance-related.

    23-26012009 ..... 2 difficult and negative cycles

    09-11022009 ..... 2 more difficult time cycles

    23022009 ..... negative spotlight on HGD

    11-12032009 ..... negative news expected here

    20032009 ..... significant and negative cycle

    24032009 ..... difficult cycle

    27-30032009 ..... another difficult cycle

    01-02042009 ..... difficult cycle ... finance-related ???

    13042009 ..... positive news expected here

    24042009 ..... positive spotlight on HGD

    28-29042009 ..... 2 difficult cycles here

    HGD should be positive in August and September 2009 .....

    Happy trading in 2009.

    have a great day



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    Default HTM - Heritage Gold NZ

    No mention of this one on here

    Gold explorer in NZ... granted the Talisman mining permit today

    Talisman mine produced 1 mil ounces of gold and 3 mil ounces of silver and:
    has the potential to triple those figures
    interesting play.... and interesting buying today

    Course of trades:

    03:47:03 PM 0.035 14,286 500.01
    03:46:51 PM 0.035 14,286 500.01
    03:46:17 PM 0.035 14,286 500.01
    03:45:54 PM 0.035 14,286 500.01
    03:45:27 PM 0.035 14,286 500.01
    03:43:50 PM 0.035 14,286 500.01
    03:41:59 PM 0.035 14,286 500.01

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    Default Re: HTM - Heritage Gold NZ

    geez the news is quick...

    word has already started to get out:

    Heritage Gold gets mining permit for Talisman mine

    4:15 PM Friday Dec 4, 2009

    Heritage Gold has been granted a 25-year permit to mine for gold and silver in the area of the historic Talisman mine, near Paeroa.

    The company today said the permit was the first in 18 years for gold mining in the North Island outside of Waihi, and talks were already under way with Chinese groups about a joint venture project.

    Heritage executive director Peter Atkinson said the granting of the permit was a landmark day for the company and its loyal shareholders.

    The conditions of the permit allowed Heritage flexibility and time to secure the necessary resource consents and an access arrangement with the Department of Conservation.

    "While today is a milestone for Heritage, it is also a very important day for the industry and New Zealand," said Atkinson.

    The permit signalled the prospectivity of the area to international companies, and it also provided confidence in the current minerals legislation and those who administered it.

    Heritage had spent some $10 million on exploration in the northern Coromandel, then lost all its gold properties when a 1997 amendment to the Crown Minerals Act prevented further development, said Atkinson .

    Heritage then shifted its focus south to the Waihi district, and built a portfolio of gold properties with the investment of a further $9.5m.

    The Talisman mine previously produced a total of 1m ounces of gold and 3m ounces of silver, and had the potential to triple those figures.

    The base case scenario from an earlier scoping study suggested progressive project development to sustainable production of 50,000 ounces of gold per annum over three years, with a medium term objective of up to 100,000 ounces of gold annually, and construction of a suitable treatment plant to process the ore nearby.

    Using an average gold price of US$800 per ounce and a discount rate of 17 per cent, the project had an indicative pre-tax net present value of $40m.

    Heritage's share price was up 0.6c to 4.5c at mid-afternoon.
    The last scoping study shows that the project is commercially attractive at a POG of USD800... POG today = USD1200,

    At 3.3c and a market cap of $7.8 with news coming out today it should make for some interesting watching on Monday

    i'm in at 3.3c

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    Default Re: HTM - Heritage Gold NZ

    nice big long candle... something pushed it back down today after it tried to get away... was the market spooked by 52 week highs???
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    Default Re: HTM - Heritage Gold NZ

    interesting to see what happens to this when the market opens today - gapped up on NZX this morning and currently up 32% over there

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    Default Re: HTM - Heritage Gold NZ

    seems like i'm the only one on this in here

    raised 1.95m in SPP at 2.8c AUD

    waiting on chinese jv talks to finish for more progress on the mine

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