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    Default Charity scams

    I have just found out that I may have been scammed by a false charity.

    I found this out by Google.

    I have recently received several diverted calls from my wifes business, from the "NSW Police Association Magazine" soliciting advertising.

    As she is almost always with clients, I handle most of the calls via diversion, and the same guy with an English accent, has been persistently ringing.

    Recently he was most persistent, and I told him, she makes her phone calls when she gets a cancelled appointment, and so give me your phone number and she can call you. He didnt give it and got off the phone real quick.

    this made me suss, so i googled the above, and whilst I didnt find them listed as a specific scam, I DID find "NSW Rural Fire brigade"...we bought some raffle tickets...they ring me LOTS.

    I am fairly sure the Police mag is a scam as well.

    anyone else had this one?

    It is a sad thing that this sort of scam is taking place, it makes it hard to have faith.

    I also get hounded repeatedly by a legit charity that I did donate to, a cause close to my heart, but they have rang me so many times..even 3 times in one day, that I told them I would never donate to them again, and please never ring me

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    Default Re: Charity scams

    This is a common, garden variety scam. Essentially businesses are rung up to insert advertising in some journal. If you are not quick witted enough you end up paying hundreds of dollars for either thin air or some 2 bit piece of rubbish.

    The other variant is saying that you have been included in a web based internet directory - please send cheque for $190 ect. Just bull****.

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