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    i recieved some papers from purchasing shares [from computershare and linkmarkets]

    I filled out the information online, direct debit/email add./etc [hope thats all i need to do]

    although the paper requires a signiture and i was wondering whether i need to mail the initial forms.

    also, if i buy and sell will i get these paper again?


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    If you filled it out online, there is no need to send in the forms because you have already identified yourself with your HIN/SRN and postcode etc..

    Every time you buy a stock you will get the email/online report form as all companies are required by law to make available their annual reports etc.. To save paper, they ask if you would opt to view them online.

    If they pay dividends, you will get that particular form as well and if the company has a DRP, then you will get that form also.
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