I would like to secure my kids future.

I would like some suggestions as to the vehicle I could use to cover some or all of the criteria listed:

(I understand that any replies here must be verified by me and that I am only using the information provided as a starting point for my own investigations)

1. Is the vehicle for my children better as a group or as individuals.
2. The vehicle must be beyond the reach of the Family Court (been there done that didnt like it!!)
3. The vehicle should be able to deal in property, shares, options, CFDs etc and be able to borrow money.
4. Funds should be able to be used by me on their behalf within the vehicle.
5. Perhaps a restriction on withdrawing capital
6. Be able to distribute dividends etc. in differing amounts at differing times.
7. Children to be able to contribute more capital and if so get a bigger (proportional) share of the assets and dividends.
8. Administered by me until I pass it on to my selected successor.
9. Be able to be expanded as to members if necessary.
10. Can superannuation be incorporated and still comply with 2. above.
11. Best for tax purposes.

Any further aspects that should be considered most welcome.