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    Can anyone recommend a good software package that doesnt cost the earth (less than $500AUD) with plenty of indicators and is easy to use. Ive been using FCharts and Quotetracker for a year and Im after something better.

    I mainly like to backfill my charts at the end of the day and look at them then . Occasionally I use quotetracker during the day and have it set at 20 sec intervals to get intraday data. If there was an easier way it would be good. Something that will handle intraday and EOD data and will download the data and backfill it easily.I like the online version of Stochcharts.com and I also like Amibroker but Im finding it pretty hard to setup.

    Any suggestions appreciated

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    Amibroker by a mile.Make that 2 miles For EOD.

    Intraday you'll need to pay more if you want live feed.

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    Thanks tech/a

    Can you tell me if it will backfill data from yahoo or similar site without the need for another program?

    Also Im used to using stockcharts.com and I use a slow stock with settings %k 60 and %D 3. In Amibroker it doesnt have a slow stoch just a %D Stoch or a %K Stoch with both just give a single line. When I go to set up one of these it has 3 setup boxes. periods, %K and %D. On Stochcharts it only had %K and %D What do I put for periods or is this a different indicator?


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    Hi tech/a

    Ive solved the problem with the Stoch settings. Im interested to see why you think Amibroker is so much better that FCharts. Im currently also trialing FCharts Pro which has a lot of extra feature than the basic FCharts that I was using and it seems pretty comparable to AB but a lot cheaper. FCharts Pro also can backfill Intraday Data which doesnt seem to be available in Amibroker.

    Also interested in the opinions of anyone else that has used these programs or anything better

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    Pennies try a search on the forum this has been discussed a few times.

    I use AB Pro after using Metastock for years agree with Tech comments.

    AB will back fill intraday and its infinite in its programing ability.

    I currently use Premium Data for EOD and Interactive Brokers for intraday Futures and currency's

    Don't know Fcharts maybe some one else can comment good luck

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    pennies, Im a big fan of Incredible charts. Why? Its relatively inexpensive at US$17 per month with no big one off fee thing. It is simple and uncomplicated to use. It has all the indicators you need. It has good stock screening facilities for setting up your trading systems. It has 15 minute updates on stock prices. If you need live feed then just set up an Interactive Brokers account for your trading. they provide a live feed for users. But, unless you r hell bent on day trading (a sure fire way to eat your money despite what anyone tells you) you dont need better than 15 min updates. I have looked at all these other software charting packages and despite offering more detail and complication than IC, at the end of the day and taking everything into account the extra is not worth it. There aint no Holy Grail in charting software. The biggest, most expensive, most extensive in terms of info is just not necessary. Try IC. They have a 14 day free trial. Remember most of what is offered out there will not make you a better trader. Its just designed to take your money. KISS

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    (a sure fire way to eat your money despite what anyone tells you) you dont need better than 15 min updates.

    Hmm may well be one of the reasons you hold this opinion.

    Below is a day trade I posted on 19th dec.
    Entry was the Fist Green bar and exit the first Red.
    Its a 1 min bar chart.

    If you count 15 bars forward from the first green bar then 15 bars forward from the first red bar you'll note the difference to the trade.
    Infact its from profit to loss. You may wish to re visit your view.
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