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    Default IG Markets getting started?

    Hi guys,

    I was searching around for something to monitor micro movements in forex and ended up somehow signing up to IGMarkets.

    Very interesting.

    Anyway, two problems:

    When I try to make a trade I get the message "Your account has been suspended. Please call us." obviously not suspended because I can log in and out again.

    I figured this because my account is unfunded, but not sure exactly how to fund my account? When I go to "Make a payment" it just says "An unexpected error has occured. Please log out and close all browser windows and try again." Have tried multiple times on Mac OSX FF3 Safari, Linux FF3, Windows FF3 and Internet Explorer and all give the same error. I understand there is direct deposit facility but not really willing to send through several thousand dollars until I am sure it will work?

    Is this just because I signed up on a Friday night and there is some further approval process or something before I can fund my account?
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    Default Re: IG Markets getting started?

    I had a similar problem when I tried to convert currencies. They reckoned it was a browser problem but they couldn't resolve it so I had to call and give them instructions over the phone.

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