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    The CEO at home wants to go to Vietnam next year for a holiday, so I'm looking for comments on hotels, markets, tour companies etc from anyone who has visited the HCMC/Saigon and the Danang/Hoian area's, also I plan to visit a few military POI.

    Any comments are welcome, thanks.

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    spend the $100 and fly to Cambodia to see Angkor Waht.

    Vietnam is cool.

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    Couple of years since i have been but absolutely loved the place.

    All the usual chain hotel groups are there if you want the 4/5 star thing otherwise there are thousands of small hotels and guest house and finding a place to stay was never a problem.

    I also wouldn't book anything before you leave for tours excursions etc, it will be half the price once there, a couple of must do places to visit is the American war crimes museum, which looks at the war from a very different angle to the western one, visit the Chu Che tunnels (spelling) its about 2 hours from Saigon (Ho chi min city), also make sure you visit the mekong delta area for a few day its fabulous.

    Personal safety is good although like any were in the world don't do anything stupid or start flashing the cash late at night, only problem i found is the Vietnamese are expert pick pockets and if its not secured its fair game so take extra precautions in that way although violence against the person is rare.

    Make sure you go and buy and read the lonely plannet book on the place its very informative and full of ideas and whats available, it s special and unique place, could ramble on for hours, haven't mentioned the food yet

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    Default Re: Vietnam - Have you holidayed there?

    We spent 2 weeks there in May this year. Started in Hanoi, which we loved, did a 2 night junk boat trip in Halong Bay, flew down to Hoi An, loved loved Hoi An, then down to Nha Trang to Vin Pearl Resort, the resort was beautiful but the service was terrible, then down to HCM. It was enjoyable but we dont feel the need to return.

    Hanoi - every evening at 5pm there is the communist spiel broadcast all over the city through external speakers.

    Shopping - the lacquer work is beautiful; the tailors in Hoi An are either good or bad. A bit of pot luck really. We found 1 tailor who made fantastic business shirts for $5. And lovely silk - Japanese - amazing quality. Pearls - in the Tax Centre in HCM there are a series of small jewellers; one we found weighed the gold chain and priced it accordingly; we bought a beautiful gold pearl pendant - rare and very expensive, matching earrings, gold chain and pearl bracelet which have been valued here at five times what we paid for it.

    It probably didnt help that in Nha Trang we were followed by a group of three men in the market, one of whom made a snatch for my bag while I was getting into a taxi (we knew they were following us yet we couldnt shake them, which was why we got into the taxi) and then while we were crossing the road in HCM with a pedestrian light, a motocycle aimed to hit us, as hubby stepped back that left me exposed, and as they passed me they succeeded in ripping my bum bag off that was strapped around my waist. Lucky the strap broke; apparently they hang on and you get dragged along the road. We knew this could happen, yet they still got away with it. We were very very careful, but still got robbed. And then had to get Hotel security take us to the Police Station and spent the next three hours endlessly translating it. Lost my mobile, cash, credit card, room key and reading glasses in that lot. We also just had things pinched. Hubby lost his beach shoes while he was swimming in the pool at the Hotel; I had my sun hat pinched while at a water park. Stuff just went missing!

    I think the locals in the south (Nha Trang and HCM) have worked out that tourists are easy prey. The beach on Nha Trang is backpacker heaven; unfortunately they leave behind their filth. Literally. We kept meeting up with three English girls; they were on the junk boat, then saw them again in Hoi Ann, then Nha Trang (they were in their twenties and hated it too) and then almost saw them run over in HCM - totally their fault though.

    If we were doing it again we would spend more time in the North, especially Hoi Ann. We stayed at the beachfront Victoria Resort and this was heaven.
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    the cu chi (?)tunnels up north are worth a visit

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    Default Re: Vietnam - Have you holidayed there?

    I think the tunnels are in the South, near HCM. There are 2 war memorials, one in Hanoi and one in HCM, both of which are very shocking and very anti American. The Vietnam War is called the American War.

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    Default Re: Vietnam - Have you holidayed there?

    Why not check out ASFs cousin site and ask a few questions there


    And the specific link to Vietnam is:

    The more the merrier

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    I was there in 94, for six weeks over the full length, too much has changed for me to comment on. but one thing will still be current, the Vietnamese refer to the police as the 'cun suk', so watch out.
    The deforestation by by agent orange on the road south from Danang to Ho Chi Min, In its defined strips, a truly dreadful patchwork. I've been, over the decades, to a lot of Asia but the those poor retches afflicted by birth defects who beg in the old Siagon are the closest to the "monsters', kept in preserve jars by the old royal houses of europe in the 18th and 19th centuries that your ever likely to witness.
    Someone help me here who sold that D.D.T ? ICI, Dupont, Bayre.
    See how the rehabilitation of Danang Air base is going, nothing, nothing but mutant weeds, had grown there for the twenty years from when the yanks left to the time I was there.

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    Default Re: Vietnam - Have you holidayed there?

    A few good points there guys, thanks.

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