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    ELLIOTT WAVES TODAY ..........

    Today , the art of tracing out Elliot waves has been automated and being used and evaluated by computer software ….most of the programmers themselves are not Elliottians so to speak , but instead are hired to simply write a code , or in other words create software to automate the process . This is being done to make finding potential set-ups faster and easier . Well , we have all heard the saying, “ You get what you pay for ” and just that’s exactly what you get …

    The purpose of this information is to illustrate that trading the Elliot Wave methodology is just like getting a tailor made suit . The reason why it fits so well is because the tailor has acquired a skill . No computer , or software can duplicate this hand made skill. The reason I am saying this is because it is the same with becoming proficient in interpreting Elliott Wave chart formations .. It is an acquired skill through observation , time and human behavior …

    So , if you are the type of person who is always looking for what’s easier , then this may not be for you . It is this very attitude that’s basis of so many people who try their hand at Elliott Wave method ..
    What I am about to show you in the coming pages did not come easy .

    Bottom line , if you trade Elliott Waves theory in an automated fashion , sure it has some advantages , and it looks neat , but the fact is that most fail who do it that way fail. Again just like a tailor understands your unique body form and how unique it is , It is the same way with any given market that you would want to apply the Elliott Wave method to .. it has a unique history , and formation …So understanding this, that’s why it is so important to look at the longer term Weekly and Monthly chart formations before applying the body of an Elliot Wave into a chart .

    Weekly and Monthy charts are more significant and more Important than the Daily or Intraday charts … The main reason why this is true is because all the market noise is in the day charts and the intraday charts …. They gap up or down on the open which is not that apparent on longer term charts in comparison . It is just the way that it is ..


    On a personal note ..... I am being asked to teach what has been given to me ....
    Well , it will take too much time and the one thing i know is that we don't all learn at the same pace ...

    So , the the answer is yes , but only to a few ..

    I am also very intrested in trading competitions...
    reason being , is that there are to many sketics out there that look at trading methodolgies and call it hind sight ..

    Competitions will keep teachers of trading stratergies honest , through thier track record ... you better believe it !

    I am triying to get the moderator of this forum to set up what's called a Webinar where everyone registers to come in on a predetrmined time in the future ... and by the way, not only for myself to teach but any other person who may want to do the same ...
    (teach , that is ...)

    Setting up a webinar or even a live confrence call is probably the best way to do this .. I really dont know how many people would register for a class , but if what is being suggested here please contact joe the moderator ...

    Market waves ..............

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    Default Re: Elliot Waves .. today


    I dont know that its possible to pass on all that we know in a field.
    Nor that all is really required.

    Im sure that you like I have found pieces that are gems more than others.
    Its these I feel people would be more interested in---rather than wading through much which is of little use (Yes I know thats a personal call).

    As for Elliott perhaps just the structure of wave patterns and corrective moves rather than the construction of full Supercycles could be enough as an introduction.

    Just thoughts.

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    Default Re: Elliot Waves .. today

    Sounds great.

    I've enjoyed the effort you've put into your charts and appreciate the lengths you've gone to inorder to make them viewable for us.

    If you were to conduct this class, I would like to see it recorded and archieved so that people who come along later or who live in different timezones and are unable to make a session are able to benefit from it. Thoughts?

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    Count me in for the class.

    I've only just started looking at longer term charts, weekly and monthly and can see clearly the different waves.

    I'm always very keen to learn more.

    Thanks MW for your time and knowledge.

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    Default Re: Elliott Waves... today

    good thoughts from doctorj. I am keen to learn all I can about this, whether by webinar or tutorial vid, either way would be a great idea

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