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    I am looking for an options charting package that can show the price bars (HLC) of an option contract (historical) with the price bars of the underlying.

    A visual presentation showing both option and stock prices would be a quick way to appreciate the impact of time (theta) and volatility (vega).

    Does anyone know of a package with historical option data that can be displayed with the underlying stock prices?

    Platinum can't.
    Cheers, Peter.

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    hi Peter. you are raising an interesting topic there. I was always under the impression that you need not chart the Option, just the underlying stock will do the trick. what's more, you need to keep a very close watch on the op, because any adverse movement in the stock could wipe the option right out.

    that said, it is however encouraging to note that people like Optionvue have designed something that's full of signals & warnings, by the looks of it. why don't you try it out & let us know how you go.

    unless using them as a hedge, it is not advisable to trade options on an uncertain market like what we've got now ... can't make up its mind. best time is when there is a trend reversal ... e.g. on elliott wave. don't know if you are into EW, but we are now in one of these a-b-c phases ... totally indecisive.

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    WebIress and Bourse data both have both historical and intraday option charts with volume if you want it. Intra-day isn't always much use due to so few trades going through during the day. Daily charts on the more liquid options can show what you are looking for, but if they are not liquid, they only show the last trade which may have been some days or weeks before - they don't show what the theo price would have been at that time - so they can be limited in their usefulness

    If you do have access either of these, you can then create a chart of the specified option and then create a chart of the underlying for the same period. Line them up horizontally so the dates match up...

    There is a free Iress demo on the Morrisons website if you want to check it out.
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