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    newbie standing ready for your answers lol. can someone please unconfuse me - when an analyst rates a stock as 'outperform' or 'underperform' what is it they actually mean? i would have thought that 'outperform' meant that the price of a stock was overpriced but i see this rating when others are rating the stock as buy so i'm confused . also when looking at a chart what is the 'bolinger band' or the 'donchain channel' ???

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    Hi there , this web-site is a great source of information regarding definition.Simply type in the word and easy-to-understand definitions are presented.I keep it in favourites for quick reference to the tens of definitions I need.


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    excellentay thanking you. you have already obviously guessed that there are going to be many more terms that i'm reading on this site and others that i dont understand. eg just been reading the candlestick thread here and of course i'm in the 'what is it that a candlestick chart is used for' boat. no dont answer that, lol, i will find out!! if you have any other suggestions on other places to start where the books on basics leave off (see my entry on 'introduce yourselves' thread) i would be very greatful. thanks again

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