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    Default Personal Faults & Gotchas (self-induced trading mishaps)

    i couldnt find a suitable thread, so i thought i'd start this one

    in the vein of IGs platform faults and gotchas thread, i thought i'd post my most recent self-created trading mishap . . . as an antidote to taking myself too seriously.

    i'm sure everyone has at least one; and if u dont have one, u can have one of mine

    * * *

    this morning whilst watching the Aus200 rising some 100 or so points, i wondered how i might partake in the profits.

    my platform and charts were all set-up, and my deal ticket sat poised on my desktop, ready for action.

    as i contemplated my perfect entry i decided it would be a good idea to give my mouse a thorough clean

    taking a tissue . . . . .

    well, needless to say my one click deal ticket and mouse work just fine,

    if only i had of inadvertently sent a long, not a short.
    oh well . . . better luck next time
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    Default Re: Personal Faults & Gotchas (self-induced trading mishaps)

    Okay, a list of my trading faults over the years.

    1) Holding a losing position too long (stubbornness, persistence, rigidity)
    2) Over trading (impatience, boredom, indiscipline)
    3) Spooked out of a position (classic spiteful market moves)
    4) Placing too much belief in technical analysis (patterns recur but the scale and intensity constantly change, reliability is variable)
    5) Not selling at a profit often enough (holding for more to cover previous losses)

    Discipline, conviction, open mindedness, honest to self, ruthlessness are some of the traits required to be successful.

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