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    Just trying to work out how to do a code for working out an issue.

    OK.....bare with me, i hope this makes sense.......here is a hypothetical

    Lets say i buy 1000 +++ shares at $1
    Lets say it drops to .70 a month later
    Lets say i buy 1000 more +++ at .70

    So now i have
    1000 x $1
    1000 x .7
    ave .85

    OK......so the SP hits .80 and hangs there for a while and while i've made a small profit on the second lot, i still haven't made my ave back. I see an opportunity somewhere else and want to sell these +++. I don't want to make a realized loss so i sell the second 1000 and some of the 1st 1000

    Trading with a company that charges $15 in/out, i sell the second 1000 and make a $70 profit. BUT, what if i want to get more cash?? I can sell a certain amount of my 1st 1000 with the 2nd 1000 and still come out at $0 profit/loss.

    With out going thru the BS to work out that i can sell 350 of the first lot (my calculations, i hope thats correct) what would i be coding in my spreadsheet to work that out in a flash?

    I currently have a spreadsheet that easily tells me out prices to make small profits and of course my profits/losses made. I just want to somehow start a new one or add this new equation onto it for instances like this.

    Cheers in advance.

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    See image below for sample spreadsheet. The "Additional Parcel Size" is highlighted and you can see the formula =(D2*(C2-A2)-E2*2)/(B2-C2).

    Your example is coded into it ... absolute no responsibility taken if my maths is dodgy.
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    Default Re: Excel spreadsheet code help

    Excellent....cheers for that

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