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    Default Hostile Share Holders

    This is a hypothetical I have for all the members.

    Tonight while watching the news report on Telstra and the pay rise for Sole baby, I started to think......... (yes believe it or not i can actually think.)

    Would it be possible if enough share holders that disagreed on the wage rise got together and threatened to sell, could that threat cause the Telstra board to not raise the wage or have to negotiate with them?

    If they did that would it be legal?


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    Default Re: Hostile Share Holders

    I doubt it would be legal. It is illegal for you to go out and deliberately try to bankrupt a company. It could even be blackmail, and definitely would be conspiracy.

    See this case dropped by Gunns against the Wilderness Society.

    Although, in this case, I reckon there would be just as many people buying.

    I assume though, if you could get more than 50% of shareholders to sign a form saying you now run the company, and Sol should be booted back to America, then it could be done...

    And I don't own sorry..

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