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    guys, many years ago when i worked for nab, i was given free nab shares which i wasnt allowed to sell for a period of time (probably passed now).
    i left several years ago and i get regular dividends from the shares. however i have no record that i own them. how do i locate them? am i able to move them to be shown on my nab online trading? i hope someone can help.

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Help needed to locate shares

    Contact the registrars such as Computershare to see if they have any details or can point you in the right direction.

    Or contact NAB themselves and ask.

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    You should have received tax receipts/dockets with your dividend payments, and they will have your HIN [shareholder ID] towards the top Right Hand Side of the paperwork. If you enter the HIN and the post code on your docket, you can access the record of payments made to you, and confirm the number of shares etc etc.

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    all fixed guys. rang computershare. they gave me all info i needed. they were very good. i then rang nab online trading and i faxed a document to them so i will have my nab shares visible online in 48 hrs. thanks

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