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    Do you know, there are not that many things that I can honestly say that I hate, but Cockroaches are close to the top of the list.

    I was brought up in Sydney, and they were everywhere! Not that Sydney is unclean place, I love Sydney, what a wonderful city of the world... But Cockies, I was never a big fan.

    I lived in a unit in Blues Point Towers at McMahons Point, and you would turn on your tap to have a cuppa, and these German ones would fall out into your cup, or kettle, then just dissapear into nowhere!

    Then I moved to Brisbane about 12 years ago.

    Would you believe I have probably seen about 6 Cockies in that time, and most flew in the back door or window. It is incredible the difference!

    In Brisbane, we have alot of Asian Geckos.

    These Geckos we have up here are everywhere, like Cockies, but they are kinder nice to look at, and have around, and they don't try to run all over your food! The really young ones are very cute! Also, they tend to live high up, like roofs or awnings and keep to themselves. Sometimes they come out and fight for their territory, quite viciously on occasion.

    So I am thinking the Asian Geckos eat the Cockie eggs!

    I know you may think I need to get out more, but has anybody else noticed the lack of Cockies up here, or is it that I just have a Gecko fetish?
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    Default Re: Cockroaches v Asian Geckos

    At least you will never go hungry no matter what city it is

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    Default Re: Cockroaches v Asian Geckos

    When moving from Melbourne to Brisbane, I was relieved I that I wouldnt find any snails, slugs, or silverfish. Now I am confronted with cockroaches, but i must say i dont mind the Geckos.
    Out west there are heaps of flies to crawl up your nose (and various other places).
    I always thought Sydney was free from all bugs :s
    Please don't tell me the cockroach problem is worse there then Brisbane?

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    Default Re: Cockroaches v Asian Geckos

    Isn't the NSW Rugby League side for state of origin purposes called the cockroaches. Might tell you more of the state, particularly Sydney than intended.


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    Default Re: Cockroaches v Asian Geckos

    I have geckos at my place and i hardly ever see a cockroach. What i hate is the geckos get into the air conditioner motor and short circuit the power board which costs $600 to be replaced. Does anyone have any effective methods of preventing this??

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    Default Re: Cockroaches v Asian Geckos

    We had a pair of geckos that lived in our balcony light fitting.......as soon as the light was on they would be out there picking up all the insects attracted to the lamp. Just don't eat your food under where they run, they do drop the unmentionable as they flit around

    We have had cockroach problems elsewhere but I found Ripcord was very very effective - when they walk over it they are dead in seconds. I sprayed all around the outside edges of windows frames and doors plus along the bottom of the house and across the garage entry. Very little problem after that.

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    Default Re: Cockroaches v Asian Geckos

    Recognise anyone?
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    Wake up, Jeff!

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    Default Re: Cockroaches v Asian Geckos


    I don't mind the gecko's.. their cluck is quite amusing.. I had one in my old place that was kicking around for 12+ months. Usually you can't tell them apart, but this one had a strange forked tail, so I could always see it every few days. Not native though, they're probably pests, and they do poop, although it's not too offensive.

    The roaches give me the irrits, especially when you first move into a place when you are guaranteed to see heaps of the fat buggers. After my practiced extermination routine however, barely see any after that. You'd think the surface spray would do in the gecko's too, but they seem to survive.

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