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    Default How to find a specific company?

    I was wondering if anyone to help me out
    I'm currently working on a financial ratio analysis report, i'm looking for a asx listed company that manufacturers metal products including such stuff look vehicle parts, gas fittings , tools etc , in that general area

    i've spend couple of hours searching around Aspect Financial and the ASX website ,, with no luck ..
    Anyone know of any companies in this area , or even just how I could go about searching for it

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: How to find a specific company ?

    You can buy a copy of Top Stocks 2005 that has 500 listed companies. I don't know how much info it has but it gives company contact details and an overview of the company and some history.


    There is another book by Aspect Huntley which can be bought from the following site,

    I saw it there in January, but can't find it now. You can contact them. I think it would be a better book than the other one. Aspect Huntley provides research for the Investor site at 9MSN.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: How to find a specific company ?

    It's in the latest offers link at Huntley's.

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    Default Re: How to find a specific company ?

    Thansk guys , i'll give it a go

    Ciao !

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    Default Re: How to find a specific company ?

    G'day Luca,

    Maybe something on this site
    Industry listing


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