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    Can anyone recommend some good books, articles etc specifically on credit spreads


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    Hi Clinton,

    There's some interesting reading relating to Credit Spreads at this web-site:

    You might also try find these two posts helpful, as both refer to Credit Spreads and also some relevant Money Management ideas:

    I am in the process of compiling a list of "Option Trading" books which I can personally recommend, so once I have that ready I'll let you know...


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    "The Complete Guide to Option Selling" by James Cordier and Micheal Gross.

    ISBN 0-07-144208-1

    Has extensive references to Spreads youll get your teeth into this one!

    "Pricing Hedging and Trading Exotic Options" by Nelken (If you can find it!)

    ISBN 0-07-047236-X

    Excellent even just to look at and learn about methods rarely discussed.

    "The New Options Advantage" by Caplan arguably the best "Must have" options book for traders.


    Why is it that options publications are soooooo expensive??


    I reckon my library is an investment!!
    (over 80 trading books).

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    Click on my link below:

    On the top right there is a link to a free options book by charles cottle.

    I'ts one of the better books around along with those mentioned above.


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