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    Default Sept 2001 - The correction we were supposed to have

    Hi guys,

    This is pure conjecture so please treat it as such:

    Sept 11 2001 USFed pumped massive liquidity into markets to keep them running smoothly due to "terrorist attack" but this slump clearly did not start that day, indices were powering downhill from early June '01.

    This didn't really stem the tide and we took the hit anyway, and DJI dropped to 5 year low in Sep 2002.

    Followed quickly by an almost exponential rate of M3 money creation to the rediculous Sep 2007 highs.

    Now like I said this is just conjecture and the result of my musings, no need to take it too seriously,

    but what if Sep 2001 was the correction we were supposed to have? M3 was already reaching crazy levels then, with US politicians on both sides of the red/blue divide screaming for someone to stop the madness

    US M3 chart:

    If all that funny money was "supposed" to be wiped off the books way back then, can we safely use the last pre-2001 tested bottom as a possible bottom for this recession?

    Am I making sense or just ranting like a crazy man.

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    Default Re: Sept 2001 - The correction we were supposed to have

    Just found this chart on the same site as the above linked chart which may give further credence

    As you can see the ingredients were present in 2001 for a recession (if this chart is to be taken seriously) but the USFed intervened with the monetary base to push the two lines apart (the manipulation is blatantly obvious).

    As you can see closer to current, monetary base is quickly approaching the middle and all we need now is for US T-bond yield curve to plummet down to meet it... i.e. end of redemptions calls to hedge funds?

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