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    THIS IS anoyther view of the us dollar... its got this dark cloud hanging over it .... the blue neckline of this pattern formation at around 90.00 is probably the most important area on this whole chart .... .. the revcent strength in the Us Dollar is probably comming from the recent rate hike from the federal reserve bank... to me all that fundamental information is just not that relevent ...
    the charts are the true reflection of whats going on ......

    bottom line
    the posture of the Us Dollar apears to be very bulish especially rently ,, but look closely , it is falling off a cliff for the last 3 yrs ,,,, its normal to pull - back up and retrace....
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    Talking Re: DARK CLOUD ( US DOLLAR )

    Yes I agree with your analysis.
    This could also be longer term developing into a complex head and shoulders pattern.(No right shoulder yet).
    This next year is going to be very interesting.
    If the H/S plays out thats a target of 60!!!!

    That will mean a huge rise in most other world currencies.
    Sky rocketting GOLD.
    Plummetting DOW.
    Very high US inflation.

    Sorry Im 6 mths ahead of myself and using "what if Analysis"

    Thanks for the charts.

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    Your charts are very interesting and provide a lot of clarity. I would like to learn more about Elliot Wave and Gann.

    Whats the best way of learning more about it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: DARK CLOUD ( US DOLLAR )

    Quote Originally Posted by tech/a
    That will mean a huge rise in most other world currencies.
    Sky rocketting GOLD.
    Plummetting DOW.
    Very high US inflation.
    Most economists say the Yuan is 30-40% undervalued against the USD

    Now if China were to revalue the Yuan by 30% you could see what effect this would have on 2 of these events.
    Chinese exports will be more expensive in USD terms, will Joe 6 Pack pay up the extra money or will the big buyers ask for price cuts?
    Now that the private ownership of gold is allowed will the Chinese start buying gold or more of it if its effectively 30% cheaper?

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