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    Default A "reverse speeding ticket"

    I'm sure many of us here have seen ASX "speeding tickets" - a PLEASE EXPLAIN notice from the ASX to a company over a rapidly advancing share price.

    Well, here's something I've never seen before - a "reverse speeding ticket" asking for an explanation of a share price decline.

    You'll need to scroll down past the company's reply to see the ASX query.


    (or if you can't get to the above, the same announcement is here on the ASX site)
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    Default Re: A "reverse speeding ticket"

    Have seen them before but they are not all that common.

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    Default Re: A "reverse speeding ticket"

    We will probably see more please explains for down movements than ups for a while yet

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    Default Re: A "reverse speeding ticket"

    I guess the ASX's concern is with manipulated movements or someone acting on inside info.

    I'm still annoyed with actions like the NAB guy Fahour selling out $3.2 million of his shares just before the crippling placement announcement. All legal and legit, I know. Of course he would have had NO idea it was coming along or that it would cause the sp to fall, right?



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