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    Booring might be coming back into favour but the current bidding on this listed managed investment is interesting. Yesterday Milton released it's NTA for the end of October and it stood at $15.93 per share before taking into account tax on unrealised capital gains.

    The overall market is at a similar level to the end of October but there are bidders (and trades) up to $17.50 per share or a 10% premium to pre tax NTA backing.

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    Booring stock I know but I took advantage of the above premium to NTA and sold some at $17.40.

    I used the proceeds to buy back in today at $12.90.

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    MLT reported today. Profit (excluding specials) up 6.7%. Dividend 8.2cff up 5.1%. Cash now at $148M. DRP has been introduced. MER (based on fixed costs not FUM) is 0.13%.

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    Another ho hum share. Again a share purchase plan but this one has a $4.45 per share price. Closes 19 September.

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