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    Default Goldman Sachs bullish on China

    Goldman Sachs has come out on Friday with a very bullish position on China's economy. Deng Tishun their China guru expects the economy to stabilise in the second half of 2009 and to take the country's stock markets up with it.He suggests that
    the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 Index which tracks China's 300 biggest listed companies, should rise at least 11 percent to 1,980 points next year. And he reckons Hong Kong's China Enterprise Index of top locally listed mainland companies may jump 53.4 percent to 8,900 points. He believes the stock market will benefit from attractive share valuations, improved liquidity and government stimulus plans.
    In the first half of 2009 he goes for consumer-related companies, internet firms and telecommunication stocks and in the second half goes for banking, insurance, real estate, raw materials and transportation stocks .
    I think that the criticism that the Chinese market was just too speculative has been tempered by the fact that Wall St. turned out to be a speculative driven greed machine and that the 60% fall in the Chinese market returns it to attractive earnings/price ratios. Deng Tishun is on the money
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    And of course China through its sovereign fund is taking strategic positions in many global markets.

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    Why would you trust the money grubbers at GS.



    Disgusting, I hope they get their comeuppance.

    EDIT: I have read an unreleased paper documenting the overvalued nature of the Chinese Yuan. The fundamentals of this paper are sound and I believe it to be the case.

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    "Why would you trust the money grubbers at GS."

    Sinner...The Hong Kong office enters a plea....innocent!

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    The Hong Kong office is just as complicit in this giant scam, they and other Asian financial giants have acted as the unethical dumping ground for all these toxic assets.

    Lehman minibonds paraded as blue-chip to pensioners, Accumulator contracts buying the most toxic of assets in the market and putting onto HK corporate balancesheets, and who knows what is yet to come to light.

    The funniest thing is, that GS was the only major institution invited to architect the bailout, the only ones who bet against the US mortgage market (even though they were arguably responsible for it to a large extent) and then proceeded to lay off 10% of their HK office!

    Come to think of it, maybe we should be listening to them, they seem to be in control...Buffett put in $5bn

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    Well sinner I certainly don't have the HK office of GS on ignore...but always add my own intelligence to their words......but it is difficult to balance the rights and wrongs at any time let alone current times.. Someone famous (so famous I can't remember who) once said.

    "When I wake in the morning half of me wants to save the world and the other half wants to profit from it. Makes it difficult to plan my day!"


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