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    Hi I just inherited 200k and was wondering what shares to invest in. I guess the bargain blue chips? Care to list them for me please?

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    Just out of interest are you planning on pumping 200k into the market on the basis of tips or have you already done some research.

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    ABC learning could be a good bet....

    I'd suggest doing your own research or hiring somebody to do it for you if you can't be bothered doing it yourself ~ surely you can afford a few dollars out of that inheritance?

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    I would also suggest you read the following rules about asking for and receiving specific financial advice...


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    My advice would be to get proper advice from an accredited and licensed financial advisor - consider the cost your first investment.

    Also, have a read of the link singlefished posted. Posters here cannot answer your question.

    I'm very sorry, but I'm obliged to close this thread.

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