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    Default South African Migrants

    I was watching Gail Kelly on ABC tonight and was taken by her ability and vision.

    I know a few South Africans who have migrated to Australia.

    They seem like hard working folk, honest, hard working, and keen to get ahead.

    Earlier this year I had a forced sojourn in RSA for 6 weeks and was impressed by the resilience of good people both black and white in the face of enormous problems.

    I reckon they will make good migrants and contribute greatly to the "Australian mix".


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    Default Re: South African Migrants

    I hired a lot of Saffers back in Aust and they were fantastic. Good blokes too...they're all still good friends.

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    Default Re: South African Migrants

    Find a high perecntage of South African males impossible to work for. Many workplace cultural differences. Also find that they have high self esteem in the workplace based on the fact they held ,by birthright, senior positions in industry. This does not necessarily translate to ability. Females, like anywhere, do make it to the top based on not only self belief but also ability so have not had an issue with them. However would have to rate South African males as the worst bosses I have ever had. Arrogance is too kind a word.

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    Default Re: South African Migrants

    Ja man ek is a Suid Afrikaanse boer. Ek hou baie van Australia. Die mense hier hou so baie van rugby, cricket en braai vleis. Hulle is 'bokke 'in disguise'.



    (PS: bit out of practice so let me know if my spelling and grammar is still up to scratch - we migrated here in 1988 and I have hardly spoken Afrikaans since.)

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    Default Re: South African Migrants


    South Africa was recently known for having the highest murder rate per capita.

    But I'm sure they're all good blokes most of the time.

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    Default Re: South African Migrants

    Here in the west there are many from SA and have worked with and for many over the years.

    Have only met whites no blacks

    I have seen the odd one as Spaghetti mentions but generally have found their management and people skills far better than Australians.

    GG you are on the money I think your sentiment is spot on.

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    Default Re: South African Migrants

    Quote Originally Posted by IFocus View Post
    GG you are on the money I think your sentiment is spot on.
    I agree also. Have known many and liked them all. They are frank, open and hard working, don't expect anything for nothing unlike so many.

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    Default Re: South African Migrants

    For once GG we agree!

    My partner is South African though the English / Russian decent 2nd generation South African. He is the most decent honourable person I know. Keeps his word, is tough in business, works extremely long hours daily but not corrupt. His friends are all wonderful caring people. Most still send money back to SA to their previous maids to keep them going. He has been doing this for 15 years every month without fail to help support her and her family whom live hundreds of Km's from their mother. Wonder how many other people would show such dedication.

    The ones I know all have a deep affection for animals with numerous pets.

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    Default Re: South African Migrants

    I do not know any South African arrivals,but one series of events did interest me...probably a fringe group.
    Why were a group chanting "Kaffir Lovers" to the South African cricketers during a test match in Perth ?
    As I said probably a fringe group...who are they?What is their beef?

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