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    Default Does it feel like the beginning of 2005?

    Here is a chart of the XJO (the XAO without some of the smaller companies)
    My idea in posting this is that to me it is hard to fully appreciate of exactly where the market is relative to where it was. Does it feel now like its 2005 again?
    Indeed it seems that the 2005 market was only several months ago - powering ahead without a care in the world - this was a 17 year long resources supercycle remember? and we were in it!
    It was about this time (early 2005) that I recall posting somewhere that we should pause and relect that we would be able to tell our grandchildren we were in the market at this time - a massive bull run.
    Well now we can say we were there for the crash of 08/09 - just like pa was there in the crash of 29/30.
    All seems quite surreal.
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    Default Re: Does it feel like the beginning of 2005?

    Even though I had no real interest in the stock market I remember how 4000 seemed like such a milestone, we had been in 3xxx territory for a long time. Amazing to think it rocketed up another 2000 points before coming crashing back down.

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    Default Re: Does it feel like the beginning of 2005?


    The above post is personal opinion only, for investment advice consult a licensed professional who fully understands the value of trailing commissions.

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    Default Re: Does it feel like the beginning of 2005?

    Do you mean are we looking uphill or downhill
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    Default Re: Does it feel like the beginning of 2005?

    Toss a coin mate and read "The Black Swan" by Nick Taleb.


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