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    Does anyone know what's going on with GMI? It's down 28% in the last 3 sessions from around $1 last thur! Today alone down 11% to 0.725 as I type.
    Both BHP and RIO have been up the last 2 days. I noticed incessant selling with very small parcels of $30 to $50 coming in to drive the price down for the last 3 days now. Some sort of diversified fund redemption with small GMI components?

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    Does anyone else on here have an interest in GMI?

    I bought in at 0.72 cents a share and they're currently trading around the 0.90 cent mark. Steady rise since from the start of 2009.

    Any views or opinions? I believe they may drop back again to the 80 - 85 cent mark over the next month or two, but then steady rise over the dollar mark.

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