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    Default Doug Mulray's Naughtiest Home Videos

    With all the talk about censorship i thought i would post it before everything gets blocked.

    its funny that on the first 2:20min of part 1 Doug talks about how the recession is hitting everyone.

    for those that never heard of the controversy that this show caused back in the Naughties here are some info. as per Kerry Packers famous phone call "Get that shyte off the air!"

    Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos was an Australian television comedy program which gained notoriety when it was canceled during its original broadcast on September 4, 1992. The show was planned as a spin-off of Australia's Funniest Home Video Show. Hosted by Doug Mulray, Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos depicted videos of sexual situations and other sexually explicit content.

    After being informed by friends at a dinner, Kerry Packer, owner of the broadcaster Nine Network tuned in to watch the show on TCN-9 and was so offended by its content that he phoned the studio operators and ordered them to "Get that **** off the air!" The operators complied and the show immediately pulled the plug and went to a black screen saying the network was experiencing "technical difficulties".[1] In Melbourne, the show went to a commercial and never came back, with two reruns of Cheers filling the show's remaining air time. The same happened in Brisbane, with the exception that it was succeeded by three episodes of Cheers. Mulray was immediately fired and banned for life from the network.

    After the broadcast, Nine reportedly received "thousands" of phone calls from viewers, with between 50 and 80 percent of callers upset with the program being pulled.[2] The show ran for just 34 minutes of a 90-minute premiere (minus the advertisements, an effective 24 minutes of the show was aired).
    part 1 - 9:35min

    part 2 - 7:21min

    part 3 - 6:36min

    part 4 - 6:37min

    part 5 - 9:37min

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    Default Re: Doug Mulray's Naughtiest Home Videos

    Well i can certainly see why it was pulled. That was the biggest piece of shyte, i can't say it was that naughty either, just crap. All they seemed to have done was take the regular home video show and smut it up a bit, and im all for a bit of smut, but that was crap.

    If it was on these days it would be called big brother...

    Thanks for the post anyway xyzedarteerf


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