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    The West has under estimated the importance of the Central Governments agricultural reforms which it recently announced.Large scale joint venture investments from international agricultural companies will appear quicker than we think. Combine that with the $US420 billion going into the rail system and the framework of a well laid plan emerges. I have put a bit more on my blog and hope that it stimulates more China discussion here.
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    Are you sure China can afford all this extravagence?

    I think Chinas fun in the sun is drawing to a close and she will have a nice deep painful recession along with many others .....

    I mean half her toy factories closing this year cant be a good start .....

    Deadly pollution from uncontrolled production .....

    Huge population burdon .....

    Crashing markets , crashing demand , massive household debts ..... etc etc etc

    Nope, these days bull and China dont seem to belong in the same sentence, wont be long until they dont even belong on the same page ....

    The entire globilisation experiment is looking rather wobbly actually ....
    May Peace Be With You

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    Quote Originally Posted by numbercruncher View Post
    Are you sure China can afford all this extravagence?
    Well, as the only non-insolvent superpower, they have a helluva lot more chance of saving us than good ol' US$400b+ deficit America does.
    Whether you think you can, or think you can't; you are right.

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    Yes China's solvency and capacity to put huge investments in place with out borrowings puts it ahead of the pack. And of course problems and challenges will occur but balance out the announcements made in the past fortnight against factory closures and food quality issues and one can at least be slightly optimistic. (It seems I broke a rule, (convention) re mentioning blogs in a post....unintentional. My apologies and thanks for the edit and advice)

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